Visual internal and external stimulus surrounds us constantly. Whether alive or inert, shapes, colors, textures, light, shadows, lines, geometrical forms and movements can grab the observant artist’s attention and instantly open a creative path. Past and present fluctuating ideas are part of this ongoing process.

Investigating and working with different techniques allow me to keep on discovering new directions for my work or to integrate a new concept to an established one. It is a collaborative interaction between me, the materials I use and the process.
My works are on paper, printmaking, drawings, water media, mixed media, digital images,
photography and collage.

In the last several years I have worked with printing techniques that avoid the use of harsh chemicals concentrating in collagraphs, cyanotypes, relief prints, photolithographs and polymer plate etchings incorporating prints or transparencies of digitally scanned objects or of my own photographs. I also work with sumi ink, my love for black has never diminished, watercolors or acrylics, pastels, color pencils, graphite and black chalk and might use one or more of these for the finished print.

I keep many notebooks with sketches and clippings and also a vast amount of objects in my Studio for reference but as my images keep on evolving while I am working, I stay away from rigid preconceived planning and I welcome what I call “accidental surprises” because surprises can turn out to be positive and beautiful elements of the finished work.

I have no particular predilection for a specific figurative or not figurative subject; it can be a face, a body, a flower or a smell, a tree or its roots, letters and numbers or perhaps a color
or a shadow. A series based on a particular subject or form might develop while I keep on trying to be alert to new visual happenings, to welcome a new perspective.

I let my imagination find a balanced solution between the use of the selected materials and their inherent qualities, the images as they develop and the composition of the space.

I believe that the visual stimulus around us renews itself constantly and that inspires me
to keep on renewing myself and my creativity.

March 2010